CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Because we consider our chain of care to be a precious asset... Let's make care meaningful again.

SOS: Vital Emergency, what is it?SOS: Vital Emergency, what is it?

No one can change the past, but we can all decide our tomorrows.

— Colin Powel
Des soignants de l’hôpital de Leganès (près de Madrid) pleurent la mort d’un de leurs collègues

In order to prevent such a crisis from happening again, "SOS: Vital emergency" is:

  • An information and communication campaign aimed at:
    • Informing the population of the existence of this project...
    • Mobilizing the population, media, artists, actors, renowned speakers... In order to help us make this extraordinary project a reality
  • An approach in search of meaning, wisdom and benevolence that will act to:
    • Restore meaning to care in order to save lives...
    • Defend ethical choices and moral values that put people and quality first.
    • Defend environmental values in these eco-design choices
  • An operation the short-term objectives of which are to design, develop and manufacture as soon as possible 12 specific medical devices that will:
    • Enable the protection and ensure the safety of patients and the various parties involved in the healthcare chain.
    • Secure specific vital circuits in hospitals
    • Help stop the spread of this type of virus in the healthcare chain (Covid-19)
  • And in the medium term, it is an operation that will make this project a reality.


Revealing our sick and incoherent society, this invisible virus will, in a few months, have succeeded in colonizing our planet, bringing the world's economy to a standstill and forcing more than 50% of the world's population to live in lockdowns.

Using the loopholes in our hospital and ambulatory care chain to get around, this "Covid-19" coronavirus has spread like wildfire through our healthcare systems, contaminating everything in its path, from caregivers to patients and all those involved...

Yet invisible to the naked eye

Yet invisible to the naked eye, this little virus has just shown us three things:

  • That our healthcare chain is a precious asset, and that it is particularly exposed and vulnerable to infectious risks. (Nosocomial infections, viruses...)
  • That when nothing is planned, everything is possible... Revealing the flaws in our healthcare chain due to the lack of suitable medical devices, this one has just called us to order:
    • That we live in a world where viruses are unpredictable and at any moment a virus can spread, mutate or evolve...
    • That the destruction of natural ecosystems due to human intervention promotes the more frequent emergence of infectious diseases,
    • That the lack of suitable medical devices in our healthcare chain makes us vulnerable
  • Whether rich or poor, using our behavior and weaknesses to spread it, this little virus has just shown us that it won't make any difference.

Knowing that:

  • This virus has the characteristic of spreading like wildfire, not knowing neither borders nor time, using our lifestyles, the fatigue of our caregivers, our weaknesses and the slightest mistake on our part to colonize our environment.
  • Hospitals are not designed to handle a massive influx of contaminated patients
  • Hospitals and our health care system are currently short of the appropriate hardware and software that would allow them to:
    • protect and secure the population (vulnerable patients and healthcare personnel)
    • contain and limit more easily the spread of this type of virus
    • Overcome Adverse Events Associated with Care (AEACs) (See the chapter above entitled Key facts and figures")

Who are we?Who are we?

They didn't know it was impossible so they did it.

— Mark Twain

To save a life, every second counts...
And knowing that, potentially, we're all in danger, and that in France, 10,000 deaths a year are preventable

174 professionals from all (medical) lines of work were mobilized to act to:

  • Save lives
  • Restore the meaning of care
  • Protect and secure patients and the various stakeholders in the healthcare chain
  • Bridge the gaps in the healthcare chain that generate human drama "ISG" (Serious adverse events)
  • Maintain the link with families in order to break the isolation of vulnerable people
  • Facilitate the care of frail patients by providing the various stakeholders in the care chain with a specific decision-making vision, in order to:
    • Improve collaboration between the different stakeholders in the care chain
    • Promote the maintenance, autonomy, health and well-being of vulnerable people
    • Avoid unnecessary loss of time that could jeopardize the patient's vital prognosis
    • Supervise and accompany at-risk patients, which will:
      • Stop the spread of infectious risks
      • Avoid unnecessary feelings of insecurity for the patient, his or her family, medical and family caregivers and the various actors in the care chain when caring for frail patients

Project chosen and selected in 2013 by Seed4Start among the 20 most innovative projects...
Modified since then to adapt to the behaviour of the new coronavirus.

A human-centred public health project, designed to:

  • Save lives and restore meaning to healthcare
  • Bridge the gaps in the chain of care that generate human drama
  • Improve the working conditions of healthcare personnel
  • Protect and secure patients and the various stakeholders in the healthcare chain.

Resulting from mobilization and synergy:

  • Healthcare personnel,
  • Patient associations, users,
  • French engineering offices.

Findings and key figuresFindings and key figures


Three public studies to date have demonstrated the importance of the risks associated with healthcare.

  • 1999, Reports of the American Institute of Medicine, "To Err Is Human".
    "To Err Is Human", the first study to analyze the place of medical error in the healthcare system. This report estimated the number of annual deaths linked to the failure of the chain of care in hospitals in the United States to be between 44,000 and 98,000.
  • 2004 and 2009, two studies carried out in France in healthcare establishments.

Key figures on SAE*

10,000 preventable deaths per year
equivalent to 8 concordes crashes per month.
One in 20 hospital stays
is caused by a SAE*.
An incident occurs every 5 days
in a 30-bed ward.
One in 10 drugs
does not reach the right patient under the right conditions.
Two-thirds of SAEs
occurring during hospitalization are life-threatening or lead to disability on discharge.
In 2009, between 330,000 and 490,000 hospital stays took place.
160,000 to 290,000 of them were preventable.

* American Institute of Medicine "To Err is Human" reports Kohn L.T., Corrigan J.M., Donaldson M.S. (eds). To Err is Human: building a safer health system. Washington, DC : National Academy Press, 1999.
** Results of national surveys conducted in 2009 and 2004 The objectives of the ENEIS survey were to estimate the incidence of serious adverse events linked to care (SAEs) during the care of patients in public and private health establishments.
Sources of the survey (ENEIS) from April to June 2009 in 251 units of 81 health establishments in 31 departments.

Aware that this virus is using the loopholes in our chain to spread

Aware that this virus is using the loopholes in our hospital care chain to spread like wildfire through our healthcare systems. Knowing full well that our interns and all the various stakeholders in the healthcare chain would find themselves on the front line helplessly facing this invisible enemy.

Faced with the urgency and seriousness of the situation, in order to break the chain of propagation of viruses in the chain of care, and fill the gaps in the chain of care that we identified. We had to urgently review, modify and adapt our project in order to adapt it to the behaviour of this type of virus.

We mobilized all the engineering offices we identified, interviewed new manufacturers and subcontractors in order to:

  • Be able to meet these new technical and technological challenges
  • Close these new loopholes
  • Design specific new technologies that would help the various stakeholders in the care chain to:
    • Secure the specific vital circuits of hospitals
    • Differentiate the flows that will require decontamination
  • Be able to design and manufacture as quickly as possible medical devices capable of providing specific and clear decision-making to the various players in the healthcare chain, in order to protect and secure the population (patients and healthcare personnel) when caring for vulnerable patients.

Let’s build together tomorrow’s worldLet’s build together tomorrow’s world

For a planet in search of a sense of wisdom and benevolence, your contribution will set in motion a process that will serve to:

  • Launch the design of strategic medical devices that will allow:
    • Lives to be saved
    • The meaning of care to be restored
    • The protection and safety of patients and the various stakeholders in the healthcare chain
  • Demonstrate to the world that an innovative project led by citizens can profoundly transform our society, and lead it into a dynamic with meaning and a future.
  • Design eco-responsible medical devices which will first of all favor in their eco-design technologies that are healthy and concerned with the well-being of all and respectful of our environment
Our objectives
  • To prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again
  • To make our hospitals and healthcare chain the safest in the world
  • Get as close as possible to 0 accident

SOS : Vital Emergency, a race against time!

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Let's save lives, give meaning to care, protect our caregivers.

It is together that we will win this fight against this epidemic.

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